• Street Machine August Event CANCELLED

  • Cancellation – This weekends Victorian event – 28th – 29th June

  • Sandown Auto Show – Entry Form – Victorian FINALS

  • More Events – Street Machines

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Street Machine August Event CANCELLED

Due to unforeseen circumstances Street Machines has now cancelled the August event. We are currently waiting on the dates but it looks like it will be in 2015. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will inform you when we know the dates for this event. Thankyou

Cancellation – This weekends Victorian event – 28th – 29th June

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused but we have to cancel this weekends event held in Victoria due to weather conditions. We will be making up for this loss in July with two events. Please be alert of the next few posts for up-coming Victorian events. Thankyou Regards dB Drag Racing […]

Sandown Auto Show – Entry Form – Victorian FINALS

Please find attached below the Sandown Auto Show coming up in September for our Victorian Finals. We are looking forward to seeing you there. This event is a 2 day event – Saturday (db drag racing, psyclone), Sunday (Bass Race & Top Dog) You will have the option of attending saturday night presentations (extra costs […]

More Events – Street Machines

We would love to inform you there are a few more events coming up, please check out our events page for further information. One in particular, we have joined forces with Street Machines and we are going back to our roots, We are going back to visit Wagga Wagga in August for a state v’s […]

Events coming up

We would like to remind you about some of our events coming up. Don’t forget to check out our events page of up-coming events such as our Victorian event this weekend in Bayswater then the following weekend we are heading up to Goulburn at the Stadium Drift event. http://dbdragracing.com.au/?page_id=13

Sponsor: Ground Zero

Please welcome aboard Ground Zero to dB Drag Racing Australia. We look forward to our first year of a brand new sponsor since October 2013. You can find their products at their website here.

Sponsors: Digital Designs

We would like to formally announce DD Audio – Digital Designs has been an official sponsor since October 2013. We are looking forward to big things to come for the rest of 2014.    

Sponsors: Kicker

Not only JL Audio being with us for four years, we would love to congratulate and re-introduce Kicker as our second sponsor for four years and going strong. Looking forward to a big and better year 2014 ahead.  

Sponsors: JL Audio

Over the next few days we will be introducing our sponsors for the year/season 2014. Please welcome JL Audio who has been a major sponsor to dB Drag Racing Australia for the past four years.  

Images on Termpro

We would like to inform everyone, Wayne has been very busy updating everything which includes the termpro website and the rules and regulations for 2014. As part of the update each event uploaded on termpro, it is now compulsory for us and our db Drag Racing Australia hosts in each state running events we are […]